About Almasa


Origin of Excellence



A name synonymous with quality, trust, and flavor, Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa is a leading meat processing company based in Dubai.

With over two decades of experience, Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa values its commitment to trust, and as such, all its products are sourced from secure, premium quality vendors and manufactured utilizing the latest technology. We keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of all that we do, ensuring that our products are healthy, safe, and above all, simply delicious.

Today, our stellar reputation has rendered us champions of the meat processing industry, exporting countless halal flavors and sumptuous combinations to over 15 countries across the globe.

In 2016, 70 percent of Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa was acquired by the leading regional meat processing company Siniora Food Industries. Siniora, a subsidiary of the pan-Arabian investment group Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC), later went on to acquire the remaining 30 percent of Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa from its then partner, Emerging Investment Partners (EIP), making Siniora the sole owner of the company in 2019.

Our brand can conveniently be found in most leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores, enjoyed by families and individuals looking for meals that are delights to the palate.

Further expanding on our product range and with the aim of bringing the widest and most delectable selection of food offerings and services, Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa launched a state-of-the-art catering arm. The line focuses on providing wholesome, family-friendly meal options that are quick to prepare and tasty every time. The company has also created a specialized line in baked (fermented) products dedicated to pizza production for home and quick service restaurant (QSR) production. Additional lines include a butchery production line that offers several variations on Individual quick freezing (IQF) chicken, including chicken breast, marinated chicken wings, and chicken lollypops, and customized herbed, marinated, grilled, and cooked chicken, beef, turkey cuts

With over 100 beef, chicken, and turkey variations and in a range of packing options that span the spectrum from classical to innovative, Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa guarantees customer satisfaction with each bite



Our History


Established in 1997 with aim of producing premium cold cuts for the Middle Eastern Market, Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa was acquired by the Emirates-based Zenath Group in 2007 for DRH 300 million. It was then that the company expanded operations, elevating both the quality and its levels of productivity in the industry by a complete renovation of its factories, increasing staff, and implementing international quality standards to all aspects of production. Diamond Meat Processing L.L.C. - Al Masa’s total acquisition by APIC subsidiary Siniora Food Industries is set to open up new markets for the company, helping it raise its profile on a regional level.

Today the company has been accredited with both ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications and boasts a wide and varied selection of halal mortadellas, sausages, salamis, pepperonis, and prime cuts, in addition to its production of private labels.